Founded in 1989, Corona Architectural Windows & Doors Inc. has continuously specialized in manufacturing custom products. Throughout the years, the demand for custom quality doors has amplified. As a result, Corona Architectural filled the demand by producing custom Grand Entrance doors made of solid wood.  Since 2000, Corona Architectural has evolved into a trusted manufacturer that specializes in Grand Entrance doors, Bi-Folding doors, and other various specialty products. For over 25 years, we have successfully served the construction industry, architects, contractors, and home-owners across North America. Our years in the industry, combined with our skilled wood-working technicians ensure a flawlessly tailored and breath-taking final product.


At Corona Architectural, the beauty of our doors begins with the hands of our highly skilled wood-working technicians.  First, the raw wood undergoes our in-house grading system, to ensure that only the best pieces are used. Then, our technicians carefully hand-pick which of the first choice wood complements each other, to give the door its’ own unique character. Once the best pieces are chosen, the technicians go on perfecting every detail to suit your exclusive style, in order to turn your vision into a reality.